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SMS event engagement for your best turnout yet

Execute text message marketing campaigns from start to finish. Help your customers remember key events by sending them text messages as reminders.

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Boost Attendance Rates  With Text Reminders

5 tips for getting your best turnout with our online SMS service

Invite attendees via tex​t

Enable mobile registration for events by sending registration URLs via SMS.          

Automate SMS event reminders 

Plan your automated reminder texts in advance, you can focus on event setup.           

Schedule post-event messages 

Follow up with attendees for post-event messages or surveys via SMS.           

 Share event updates​   

Send bulk SMS updates to event  registrants and organizers.           

Coordinate with your team

Easily manage logistical announcements and communication with volunteers and event organizers through our scalable texting service

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Prevent no- shows with automated 
SMS reminders 

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of millennials consider reminder texts helpful


of appointment or no-shows, you could eliminate through
SMS reminders


of millennials find SMS a convenient channel for reminders. 

How event works     

Plan Event Campaigns

Build out text message engagement campaigns for all your upcoming events!

Make it easy for donors, sponsors, and attendees to register, receive event updates, and of course, remember to come out!

Invite Participants

Share your event registration URLs via SMS. Schedule invite messages in advance or send on demand, then watch as your registration counts grow.

Craft targeted messaging for each audience or send a single message to all the invite lists at once!

Send Event Reminders

Do your registrants sign up and then forget to attend your events? Help them remember with reminder texts in the weeks and days leading up to the event.

Sending reminders gives you an opportunity to share announcements or logistical information, such as parking availability, ticket pickups, and social distancing protocols.

Be sure to monitor your inbox for questions and responses from your guests!

View Reminder History

Track past and future reminder messages for all events from a central location.

Sent reminders show delivered and undelivered counts, while scheduled reminders show the potential reach of a message.

View which contact groups are receiving reminders to plan message schedules considerately.

Scheduled reminders can be edited or deleted from the reminders view.

Use Events with Microsoft Power Automate     

Automate sending SMS notifications and reminders with Microsoft 365 and Power Platform..... 

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With Power Automate, you can automate text message actions based on business triggers. For example, you can automate pre-event  notifications based on package status, send appointment reminders and booking confirmations, or send an alert for an approval or case update. Power Textor offers a trigger, so you can also trigger other actions by an incoming text message. Automated SMS notifications help you reach out to potential leads quicker, resolve customer queries and alleviate complex communications tasks.           

Bulk SMS Trigger: 

When a text (SMS) is received

Bulk SMS Trigger: 
  •  Schedule text (SMS) message for a contact
  •  Schedule text (SMS) message for a group          
  •  Schedule text (SMS) message for a new contact          
  •   Schedule text (SMS) message for a new group       
  •   Send text (SMS) message event reminder to a contact          
  •   Send text (SMS) message event reminder to a group           
  •   Automate event invitations, reminders, and announcements to contact groups in Power Textor.        
  •  Send text (SMS) message event reminder to multiple groups          
  •  Send text (SMS) message event reminder to multiple groups          

Why Choose Power Textor For Your Event Reminders

Reliable Automation   

Whether you’re sending texts from Power Textor’s web application or Microsoft Power Platform, you can trust that once you’ve set up your messages, you can sit back and let the system take care of the rest.

Your Own Unique Number 

Unlike most mass texting platforms, we procure a phone number on your behalf – helping you build a trusted relationship with your customers. They can even initiate conversations with you!

Transparent Pricing   

With our monthly volume-based plans, you can select the option that’s right for you. We enable you to transparently plan your monthly spending, instead of getting a surprised by a pay-as-you-go bill.  


Get real-time insights into your SMS performance. With dashboards and analytics for messages, events, and reviews, you’ll always have a complete view of your SMS campaign progress.  

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