Event Reminders

Add Places

Places enable you to receive and track feedback across multiple divisions of your business using Google Reviews.

For any locations or office branches for which you want to request reviews, a Place is created using the Google Place ID.

Send Review Requests

Periodically or after an event, send a review message to your clients asking for their valuable feedback.

Clients will receive the direct link to rate your business and post a comment on Google Reviews!

Individual responses can be viewed from the Feedback tab of the Inbox page.

View Feedback

Track global and location-specific ratings from the Reviews dashboard.

View rating breakdowns, graphs of reviews received over time, and review message histories.

Most importantly, act on client feedback into improving your business!

About Us

Power Textor helps businesses develop better relationships with their customers through the power of text message marketing. Forget about sending unopened emails - with text message marketing, engaging your customers is easy and effective.

Through SMS communications, you can easily inform your customers about upcoming events or special offers, send reminders to event or appointment registrants, and garner customer feedback to boost your ratings and help improve your products and services.

Contact Info
  • (331) 250-2717
  • info@powertextor.com
  • Chicago, Illinois

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