Automotive text message marketing is the most effective way to generate leads and keep your loyal clients satisfied.     

Allows your company to leverage the power of texting to improve customer service, and ultimately be as productive as possible. 
Whether you are selling or servicing autos. Accelerate sales and service lines without breaking a sweat using Power Textor.  
Our platform provides you with capabilities that allow you to successfully promote to clients who are most likely to convert and finalize more deals!      


Struggling to connect with customers? 

Most potential clients want to communicate with businesses via texting, yet just 48% of companies, including dealerships, can do so. Due to this gap many dealerships are losing clients to competitors who can connect through text messaging.

Facing Customer Retention Challenges?

Without strong marketing strategies in place, auto dealerships struggle to contact clients after the first purchase, resulting in missed possibilities for upselling and recurring business. Power Textor is designed to help car dealers in enhancing customer retention through effective communication.



Lack of Personalization?

Most dealerships follow traditional ways and fail to provide customers with personalized experiences. This results in lower customer satisfaction levels and a decrease in revenue.   

Customizable Templates  

Utilize car dealership-customizable message templates on Power Textor to generate personalized and branded messages designed exclusively for car dealerships, ensuring professional and consistent communication with your customers and prospects.  

Real-time Conversations  

Turn online questions into a personal discussion via text. Set up automated answers to online inquiries; you can also send videos and photographs, hold a chat, or confirm test drive through Power Textor.   

Integration with CRM System  

Integrate Power Textor with your current CRM system and dealership software to increase functionality and data integration for a more seamless SMS marketing for car dealerships.       

Bulk Messaging  

Send messages to hundreds or thousands of recipients in one go. Use Power Textor to offer unique deals, keep leads informed about faster delivery on your current automobile inventory, and notify clients about new test drive appointments. Greater click-through rates on SMS marketing for car dealerships take your business to the next level of success.        

Reminder SMS

Tired of waiting for your customers to sign the papers? Create automated paperwork reminders easily on Power Textor. Close deals and boost sales more quickly and effortlessly. You can create reminder messages for all activities including reminders about car servicing, availability of new models and more.   

Take your car dealership to the next level in terms of performance with Power Textor’s messaging solutions that meet your needs, ensuring sales and active customer interactions in the automotive industry.  

Power Textor also takes the hassle out of your dealership’s challenges with its automated messaging features. Power Textor enables automated messages such as appointment reminders, follow-ups, and inventory updates to be carried out with minimal effort and time.

Power Textor offers comprehensive analytics covering customer behavior, campaign efficiency, and dealership operations. These analytics enable the dealer to optimize the strategy based on the most relevant metrics for the SMS marketing and automation for the automotive sector.  

Seamlessly integrate your existing management systems with Power Textor and get getter functionality and data synchronization. Easily connect with your customer base and focus on customers and conversion rate together.  

Choose Power Textor as your SMS marketing platform to ensure that your communication is according to industry regulations and data protection standards, providing a secure and trustworthy platform for your dealership and customers alike.  

Power Textor SMS service is a valuable marketing and customer interaction tool for many auto dealerships. You can easily send out promotional discount codes and service special notifications to engage clients and drive new leads.
Power Textor's automotive text messaging enables easy messaging for car dealers. The platform offers complete messaging features, automation, real-time insights, and seamless integration, allowing dealers to track all client conversations in a single view.     

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. SMS marketing is the most effective technique for auto dealers to promote their new automobiles or future discounts and promotional events. Try Power Textor now to convert leads into customers.

You can send personalized messages to your customers through Power Textor. This can include appointment reminders, important documents, reviews, promotional discounts, event updates and more. .

There are multiple ways to collect customer phone numbers that include in-store-signups, websites, social media, and emails.

Yes, it is a good approach to segment the customer base for targeted campaigns. You can create categories based on demographics, buying habits, interests, and engagement level.

Power Textor uses Microsoft Power Automate connectors so you can easily synchronize customer lists, track interactions and other CRM data. Practically you can connect Power Textor with hundreds of 3rd party tools and platforms that are used by your business.