Reach your Customers via Text Blasting Services

Reach your customers with less time and less effort. Our online bulk SMS platform enables you to send the right messages to the right people at the right time.

A Better Way To Communicate

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Engage Your Customers Faster With Bulk SMS Messaging

7 ideas to save time and effort with our online bulk SMS service

Text promotion alerts

Tell your customers when you have sales and promotional events.

Send event registration URLs

Enable mobile registration for events via SMS.

Share event updates

Send bulk SMS updates to event registrants and organizers.

Activate mobile donations

Engage your donor base with texts to increase campaign funding.

Collect Google reviews and feedback

Automate Google Reviews and feedback from clients.

Drive traffic to your mobile websites

Text your customers mobile-friendly links to increase pageviews and conversions.

Send personalized discount codes

Gift your loyal customers with discount codes and coupons via SMS.

Get Started

How Bulk Texts Work

Manage Contacts

Add your contact lists to PowerTextor via import, manual creation, or Microsoft Power Automate. View past text messages for each contact and assign optional contact groups.

Create Contact Groups

Create your SMS marketing lists as groups in PowerTextor.

Organize them by event, product(s) of interest, location, and more.

Any contact can be added to one or more groups for efficient message sending.

Send SMS Messages Now

Reach all the right people in just one click!

Keep your clients up to date with all your latest happenings.

Send messages to one or more contacts or contact groups. Schedule texts in advance or send instantly.

Auto-unsubscribe is available for easy compliance with CTIA and TCPA.

Personalize each message with dynamic contact names.

Schedule Texts

Are you a super organized marketer? Or busy at the best messaging times? Plan your texts in advance, then let us do the rest.

Schedule all the texts in your campaign and sit back and relax. We’ll send them automatically on your defined dates and times.

View Message History

Keep track of all your sent texts and delivery stats.

Easily view which groups received each text and when for better campaign planning.

Use Bulk Texts With Microsoft Power Automate

Automate sending SMS notifications and reminders with Microsoft 365 and Power Platform.

With Power Platform, you can automate text message actions based on business triggers. For example, you can automate shipping and delivery notifications based on package status, send appointment reminders and booking confirmations, or send an alert for an approval or case update. PowerTextor offers a trigger, so you can also trigger other actions by an incoming text message. Automated SMS notifications help you reach out to potential leads quicker, resolve customer queries and alleviate complex communications tasks.

Bulk SMS Trigger:

When a text (SMS) is received

Bulk SMS Actions:
  • Send a Text Message (SMS)
  • Send text (SMS) message to a group
  • Send Text (SMS) message to a new contact
  • Send text (SMS) message to a new group
  • Send text (SMS) message to multiple contacts
  • Send text (SMS) message to multiple groups
  • Send Text (SMS) to a Contact

Why Choose PowerTextor  For Your Bulk Texts?

Reliable Automation 

Whether you’re sending texts from PowerTextor’s web application or Microsoft Power Platform, you can trust that once you’ve set up your messages, you can sit back and let the system take care of the rest.

Your Own Unique Number 

Unlike most mass texting platforms, we procure a phone number on your behalf – helping you build a trusted relationship with your customers. Respond to reviews and feedback individually for an optimal customer experience.

Transparent Pricing

With our monthly volume-based plans, you can select the option that’s right for you. We enable you to transparently plan your monthly spending, instead of getting surprised by a pay-as-you-go bill.

get real-time insights of SMS campaigns


Get real-time insights into your SMS performance. With dashboards and analytics for messages, events, and reviews, you’ll always have a complete view of your SMS campaign progress.

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