Boost Sales in Real Estate
With Text Message Marketing

Achieve a realistic approach with SMS for real estate professionals. Close more property deals, maintain a biblical text marketing list, and efficiently cater to customers.

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Boost Sales in Real Estate

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Reach your customers on the leading engagement channel. With Power Textor, personalized S​MS
communication is easy and scalable. Who s​ays y​ou can't have the best of both worlds?

Close More Real Estate Sales With Texting for Realtors

Capture and follow up with open house participants to gain more clients and sell more properties. Most people who attend open houses don’t have a realtor, making open houses the best opportunities to meet potential buyers.

By using Power Textor at your open houses, leads can sign in with the check-in kiosk and opt-in to receive text messages. Follow up with the registered attendees with bulk text messaging. Leads can reply to your messages, helping you build a One-on-one relationship with them. Once you’ve closed a deal, send your clients a request for a Google review to boost your ratings on the web.

Real Estate Sales with Texting for Realtors
Robust & Profitable Real Estate

Text Messaging Offers the Most Robust & Profitable Real Estate

Communicate and build relationships with text savvy customers and send them reminders about upcoming open houses. Text your potential customers high-end pictures and videos to market your listings and finalize deals quicker than before.

Establish better customer bonds and swiftly respond to their queries or concerns with a single button. Quickly notify potential buyers as soon as a property is listed on sale.

How Real Estate Agents & Brokers Benefit
from a Text Message Channel

Marketing New Listings

Marketing New Listings

When new properties become available, text messaging can be an effective way to arrange virtual surveys and share relevant details. Update buyers and sellers and keep them engaged on the most thriving channel.

Engage with Potential Buyers

Engage With Potential Buyers

Place keywords, QR codes, and sign-up forms around an open house so potential buyers can become a part of your text messaging list. This helps expand your network and capitalize on buyers in the market.

Streamline Employee Processes and Communications

  • Hire real estate agents.
  • Recruit smart and qualified real estate agents for your team.
  • Facilitate communication and engage with an online team by quickly sending important updates, training programs, and time-critical details to their smartphones.

Offer Personalized Experiences

  • Schedule visits and appointments.
  • Send potential buyers reminders about upcoming open houses and house visits.
  • Engage with prospective buyers.
  • Implement 1:1 text messaging to understand prospective buyers’ interests and immediately answer their questions or concerns.
  • How SMS Messaging Can Maximize Your Real Estate Campaigns

    Nowadays, most people use mobile phone. A Pew Research Center study actually shows that over 97% of U.S adults own a smartphone. This information encourages real estate agents to sign up for a full text message service and allows them to target thousands of potential buyers at a time.

    Realtors can attract the most interested buyers and sellers through text messaging. With Power Textor, send bulk texts and create groups with unlimited contacts to connect with prospective customers and buyers.