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Make Customer Feedback Easy With SMS-Enabled Reviews

5 strategies for making the most of our online text-based reviews

Improve processes with client feedback

Invite customers to seamlessly rate your business on Google Reviews via SMS.

Ask for appointment or event-specific reviews 

Allow clients to leave positive, happy reviews after executing successful event campaigns, whether your events are about donations, networking events, fundraisers, or election campaigns.

Periodically request customer feedback

Leverage Microsoft Power Platform to send SMS Google Review requests on a regular cadence.

Increase your credibility on Google Reviews

Automate review requests to get more positive, happy reviews after executing successful event campaigns, including networking events, fundraisers, appointments, or election campaigns.

Privately manage negative feedback 

For 3-star reviews and below, receive feedback privately. Reply to customers via SMS to address their concerns.  

Get Started

How Reviews Work

Add Places

Places enable you to receive and track feedback across multiple divisions of your business using Google Reviews.

For any locations or office branches for which you want to request reviews, a Place is created using the Google Place ID.

Send Review Requests

Periodically or after an event, send a review message to your clients asking for their valuable feedback.

This feedback will help you plan out even better campaigns in the future.

Thoroughly analyze your customer reviews and brainstorm your next event based on your client’s feedback.

Clients will receive the direct link to rate your business and post a comment on Google Reviews!

View individual responses from the Feedback tab of the Inbox page.

View Feedback

The Reviews dashboard allows you to track global and location-specific ratings.

View rating breakdowns, graphs of reviews received over time, and review message histories.

Most importantly, act on client feedback to improve your business because your clients are always right. Furthermore, happy clients lead to happy business events!

Use Reviews with Microsoft Power Automate     

Automate sending SMS Google Review invitations with Microsoft 365 and Power Platform. With Power Automate, you can automate text message actions based on business triggers. For example, you can automate sending post-event feedback text messages which are fully integrated with Google Reviews. PowerTextor offers a trigger, so you can also trigger other actions by an incoming text message. Automated SMS notifications help you reach out customers in a timely manner and help you collect input in a structured, low-effort way.     

Bulk SMS Trigger: 

When a text (SMS) is received

Bulk SMS Actions: 
  •  Send review text (SMS) message to a contact
  •  Send text (SMS) message to a group          
  •  Send text (SMS) message to a new contact          
  •  Send text (SMS) message to a new group          
  •  Send text (SMS) message to multiple contacts       
  •  Send text (SMS) message to multiple groups          
  •   Schedule review text (SMS) message for a contact           
  •  Schedule review text (SMS) message for a new group        
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Why Choose PowerTextor  For Your Reviews

Reliable Automation 

Whether you’re sending texts from PowerTextor’s web application or Microsoft Power Platform, you can trust that once you’ve set up your messages, you can sit back and let the system take care of the rest.

Your Own Unique Number 

Unlike most mass texting platforms, we procure a phone number on your behalf – helping you build a trusted relationship with your customers. Respond to reviews and feedback individually for an optimal customer experience.

Automated Feedback Workflows  

From linking clients directly to your businesses’ Google Review form via SMS to managing less-than-perfect feedback, PowerTextor streamlines your feedback loop to make acting on review insights easy. 

get real-time insights of SMS campaigns


Get real-time insights into your SMS performance. With dashboards and analytics for messages, events, and reviews, you’ll always have a complete view of your SMS campaign progress.

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