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Text Messages 

SMS marketing has the potential to transform communications for banking and financial services.    

Power Textor is a great text banking and automation software for BFSI. It helps you stay connected with your audience through SMS marketing and more, using instant messaging to boost customer interactions and relationships. 
Power Textor is a most feature-friendly SMS automation and marketing tool for BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance)      


Enhanced Client Relationship

By sending out updates and useful information through SMS marketing you can make your customers feel valued and recognized. By doing so, you'll not only build trust but also strengthen client relationships, paving the way for increased consumer loyalty.

Better Security 

Increase the security of your online banking services and protect your clients' accounts with two-factor authentication and one-time password SMS using Power Textor. 



Competitive Edge  

While many financial organizations continue to use outdated communication techniques, Power Textor SMS marketing tool modernizes your marketing approach. This appeals to today’s generation, such as those who frequently check their text messages and make your business stand out from others.  

Personalized Messages  

SMS allows banks and financial institutions (BFSI) to provide personalized offers and promotional text to each customer. Whether it's text for loans, credit card notifications or upcoming payment SMS alert, every customer can be informed in just a few seconds with Power Textor SMS marketing software.  


Bulk Messaging  

Reach a larger customer base seamlessly with Power Textor bulk messaging feature. Using the tool, promote financial events, update clients about exclusive programs and execute successful campaigns to drive sales growth. 

Two-way Conversations  

Power Textor allows you to do real-time conversations with your customers through a two-way conversation feature. Easily check your inbox to see all incoming text messages and review feedback from your clients in one place. 

Automated Texting  

Power Textor provides automated messaging features. This tool allows you to pre-schedule messages or send automated appointment reminders, payment alerts, or out-of-office SMS. Automation removes the need for manual work, saving you both time and money.  

Reminder SMS 

Make sure that your customer never misses any important update. Using Power Textor increase consistency and connect with customers on a personal and professional level . 

Power Textor is the go-to SMS texting software for banks and financial institutions, making messaging accessible and effective, expanding their reach and impact in a competitive market with ease.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

SMS marketing is highly beneficial for all types of financial institutions as it helps with clear and quick communication with the customers. Banks and Financial Institutions can send transaction updates, reminders and other information through SMS marketing.

Power Textor can be used by any type of Financial Institution, including:
  • Banks

  • Credit Unions

  • Investment Banks

  • Brokerage Firms

  • Insurance Companies

  • Mortgage Companies

  • Insurance Companies

  • Wealth management companies

  • Mutual Funds

You can connect Power Textor with hundreds of other tools, apps and platforms and set triggers and actions to deliver the message at the right time to improve customer experience or your bottom line.

Yes, SMS marketing is a secure option for banks. Power Textor ensures that your messages and customer information are protected throughout the process.

By obtaining customer consent, offering opt-out options, protecting data, keeping records, and following regulatory guidelines.
SMS marketing complies with financial regulations through obtaining customer consent, protecting data, keeping information confidential and following regulatory guidelines.

Through SMS messages, banks can do segmentation and use customer information to send customized and promotional messages to their customers. You can even link Power Textor with your database directly.

Bank and Financial Institutions (BFSI) can send alerts, reminders, promotional offers, transaction notifications, and customer service updates. There can be literally dozens of uses.

Sending SMS is one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing. The cost depends on the volume of messages. Power Textor offers affordable packages and free trials to customers. You can check our pricing here or contact us to get pricing.