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Learn How You Can Benefit From SMS In Your Business Industry

Donation Campaigns

Bring in the donations through text messages! Offer your supporters a more convenient way to contribute to your programs.

Create text messages campaigns for your fundraising campaigns. Promote links for your online donation page, crowfunding campaigns, and more.

Fundrasier & Event Engagement

Let's turn out the crowd for your fundraising events. Make sure your donors and volunteers get to know about your next event and give them an easy way to register.

Share your event registration page via text, and you'll see your registration rates going through the roof.

Volunteer Management

Recruiting and manage volunteers can be so tough, can't it? With texting your volunteers will always know when and where to help support your cause.

Communicate 1-on-1 with volunteers to coordinate logistics - and send info to your volunteer lists in a single click.






~5 hours/week

Text Messages For 
Nonprofit Organizations

Want to keep your nonprofit activities running flawlessly? For that, you need to connect with your members on a huge level. No matter you are a religious entity, a political party, or a charity-based organization, having your text messages scheduled for nonprofit engagement can help you grow your community.

With the use of scheduled text messages, your members can stay up-to-date with relevant updates, key events, and fundraisers.

text messaging for nonprofits

How You Can Use PowerTextor For Non-Profits

boosting donations with bulk texts

Boost Your Donations with Text Messages

  • The more donations received the more effective your nonprofit will run and create awareness of your cause. PowerTextor enables your nonprofit to share donation campaigns via text message. This way your members can donate to the nonprofit cause without hassle. Share links for direct website donations, your current crowdfunding campaign, or upcoming fundraising events.
  • Create and schedule a themed campaign around a specific program or need a multi-text engagement over a few days or weeks.
  • PowerTextor’s automated messaging service will help you save time as some functions will automatically work for you. This implies that even if the member does not visit the link within a few days, you can perform functions, such as, alerting them with a reminder, or sharing added knowledge about the ongoing causes that require their donations.

Keep Your Members Posted

text message updates

It is essential to keep your members posted on key developments via scheduled text messaging for nonprofits. Using PowerTextor, you can add relevant links directing towards further information within your SMS service. That way you can monitor the traffic on your links and hence send follow-up texts.
Your nonprofit members need to stay in touch with the latest developments at your organization. Let them get relevant updates with a scheduled bulk texting system.

Amplify Event Engagement

drive event engagement

Why send dozens of emails when you can stir up interest and grab engagement for nonprofit events by sending text messages? It is simple to set up an alert for an event. With PowerTextor integrated into your system, increasing event engagement would be a lot faster! 

Whether there is an urgent ration drive or a disastrous earthquake relief fundraiser, you can achieve your goals with the right advertising strategy for your nonprofit.

managing volunteer recruitment

Manage Volunteer Recruitment

Perhaps your goal is to deliver your message to members who seldom use emails. Or probably you need a better alternative to engage with members with a single message. In either case, a powerful messaging service is key for your nonprofit.

Several North American nonprofits take the help of PowerTextor to communicate with their members. They have multiple reasons for that:

  • Provide essential resources and updates to your members.
  • Recruit volunteers and engage with them.
  •  Send donation messages and latest developments.
  • Reach out to your team instantly.
  • And the list goes on!

Why Your Nonprofit Needs a Power Texting System

Interestingly, scheduled text messaging has a proven record of boosting your business   growth regardless of industry. Here are the results:

  • 98% of customers tend to open received text messages and almost 40% send a response.
  • 82% of consumers keep SMS notifications switched on.
  •   68% of consumers say that checking, sending, and answering text messages is the activity that they’re most engaged with on their phones throughout the day.
  • 29% of customers who receive SMS marketing open links in text messages.

Power texting for nonprofits is equally beneficial. Picking up an automated text messaging service will enable you to boost your customer attendance, build effective customer relationships and amplify event engagement.
Creating awareness about your nonprofit services has never been simpler!

Connecting With Your Members With Power Text Messaging

Power text messaging for nonprofits is the most simplified method to access your members,  offer them your services and the latest updates about events. Alerting them on donor appeals is no more a hassle! 

When it comes to PowerTextor, you have limitless options to stay in touch with your members. One of them is the ease of having a one-on-one conversation. Simply target a group of donor or event attendees with bulk text messaging and start a one-on-one conversation around upcoming fundraisers or donation queries.

Examples of Active Text Messaging Platform for Nonprofits

Bulk texting can be a good tool to manage communications around your nonprofit activities. Some key directions we have observed industries taking from this platform are listed below:

  • Short messaging:  Fast easy-to-read text messages give fast responses. Your aim for text messaging is to increase its readability.
  • Concise texting:   Your messages must have a clear call-to-action for all kinds of SMS marketing. The goal is to make your recipient understand which action he has to take - registration, signing-up, web link, etc.
  • Personalized messaging: Messages having a personal touch can result in a long-term relationship between your member and you. It could be even adding the receiver’s first name.
active sms platforms for nonprofits

Grow Better Customer Relationships with Conversational Texts Communication

Real-time communication is the future for industries willing to work towards better customer bonds and long-term relationships. Your members are ready to reach out to you on their most-liked communication platforms. The question is, are you ready to take it forward?

 Broaden Your Advertising Reach

maximize advertising reach

Grab your members with multiple texting features such as one-on-one conversations, event reminders, bulk texting, and online reviews.

Minimize the Hurdles to Donate

minimizing donation hurdles

Be alert to receive important questions and offer relevant updates to members whenever they are on the lookout.

drive customer service experience

Boost Your Customer Service Experience

Cut off long waits on phone calls and let your members send you a text message at their convenience.

One Powerful Texting App, Countless Possibilities for a Flawless User Experience

Maximize Reach

increase reach with text features

With dynamic texting features to stay connected with your members, it’s easier to connect to your members anywhere.

Engage Easily

gain quick engagement

Keep your focus intact on your campaigns and let our powerful texting system do the magic!

Effective Integration

efficient integration

Let our end-to-end text messaging application integrate with your system to automate messages based on defined triggers, such as receiving a donation or registering for an event.  

Engage Volunteers and Improve Program Execution with Text Messaging

Text messaging is now more popular than making phone calls. A recent Pew Institute survey confirms that people from all age groups prefer to text. Americans ages 18-29 send and receive an astounding 88 text messages per day (compared to 17 phone calls).

In light of the texting revolution, how can your nonprofit take action to engage more volunteers? When it comes to volunteer management, last-minute changes can cause major headaches for both event coordinators and volunteers. If you still rely on phone calls or emails for these situations, you’re missing out on real-time volunteer management. Texting might be a better choice.

Text messaging is a widely used mode of communication. The latest research tells that phone users regardless of age prefer to communicate through text messages. According to an estimate, US citizens within the age group 18-29 have a daily consumption of over 80 messages a day, as compared to mobile calls.

Why You Should Send Text to Volunteers

Texting leads to better interaction given the fast-paced scenarios. For instance, PowerTextor enables your volunteers to send quick updates or other members through the SMS platform. Volunteers receive and read the messages instantly as soon as they are sent.

 SMS communication also comes in handy and your volunteers do not have to keep a check on their emails for the latest updates.

We have analyzed several circumstances when our bulk text messaging service could be of great help. Some of the reasons why nonprofits use PowerTextor’s SMS marketing feature are:

  • For First-Timers: In the face of a natural calamity, it is important not to waste time. During times of floods or earthquakes, you must contact volunteers instantly to continue with rescue operations. PowerTextor helps to keep things organized and asks volunteers for help through SMS service.
  • When an unforeseen situation occurs: Your outdoor event for a fundraiser is all set to start, and it suddenly starts raining. You will get calls from volunteers asking for the event status. Is it still on or postponed? In such a situation, you must decide instantly on your next move and get the message out. 
    Since you wouldn’t want your volunteers to reach the event venue only to return, a quick text update on the event cancellation will save you a lot of time and avoid the hassle.
  • Lack of Man Power: It usually happens that during your most anticipated event - all of a sudden, some of the registered volunteers do not show up. That makes things panicky! This is a common situation in most businesses. 

    However, you do not need to go helpless. Rather than losing hope in the event, you can avail the feature of instant texting to request more volunteers or postpone the event.

How To Ensure Effective Volunteer Recruitment And Engagement

  • Volunteer recruitment consisting of dedicated and passionate people is itself a huge task. You might be lucky to get many good volunteers, but some of them opt-out for any reason. That moment comes as a disappointment, but your aim must be approaching more volunteers who are willing to align themselves with your nonprofit’s goals.
  • For a nonprofit organization, it is crucial to team up with volunteers who are ready to become productive volunteer coordinators. This group of volunteers plays a key role in targeting the most effective volunteers for a certain activity. They can also monitor and track the volunteer coordination tactics for a nonprofit to be running smoothly. These coordinators are the main source of contact and act as a gate pass for your volunteers and NPO.
  • For a nonprofit organization, it is crucial to team up with volunteers who are ready to become productive volunteer coordinators. This group of volunteers plays a key role in targeting the most effective volunteers for a certain activity. They can also monitor and track the volunteer coordination tactics for a nonprofit to be running smoothly. These coordinators are the main source of contact and act as a gate pass for your volunteers and NPO.

Given the nature of the business a nonprofit runs to lend relentless support, time is the key. PowerTextor’s automated text messaging service enables you to respond and think critically under tricky situations. You must keep volunteers informed on recent updates regarding event postponing or similar unexpected circumstances. By doing so, a volunteer’s coordinator's work becomes simpler and it conveys the message to volunteers that their time holds value.

If you are still thinking about what to do next, including text messaging service as an integral element of managing volunteers.

Simplify bulk text messaging, 1:1 conversations, event reminders, and client reviews by integrating your system with PowerTextor's effective and personalized SMS communication.

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