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A2P 10DLC?

In today's dynamic business landscape, A2P 10DLC (Application-to-Person 10-Digit Long Code) emerges as a beacon of trust and connection between enterprises and their customers. This revolutionary compliance standard is not just a requirement; it is a gateway to optimizing your SMS communication with consumers across the United States. Seamlessly delivering messages while fortifying defenses against spam and phishing attacks, it ensures not only the safety of your data but also builds a shield around your customers' security.

Beyond compliance, 10DLC messaging solutions herald a new era of engagement, serving as a direct conduit between businesses and carriers. Elevate your brand's visibility and reliability by embracing a unified local number that supports SMS, MMS, and Keywords—transforming interactions into meaningful engagements. This is a communication approach that doesn't just convey information but resonates deeply, fostering lasting connections built on authenticity and personalized experiences. Let A2P 10DLC redefine your customer interactions and establish an unshakable bond of trust and reliability.

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Benefits of


A2P 10DLC allows your business to send more messages faster and more securely than traditional methods. Messages are routed through a dedicated channel, which is not subject to the same filtering and throttling as other types of messages but security measures to keep you and your consumers protected. This is a major benefit for your businesses that need to send large volumes of text messages, such as those large volumes that use text messaging for marketing or customer service. This can help your businesses to reach your customers more quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Your business will have its own dedicated A2P 10DLC number. This helps to reduce spam and improve deliverability, because carriers can see that the messages are coming from your business as a legitimate source. It also helps to protect your business from the negative actions of other businesses. For example, if one business uses their A2P 10DLC number to send spam messages, their number could be blocked by carriers. This would not affect your businesses that is also using A2P 10DLC, unlike using shared short codes.

A2P 10DLC allows your business to use its own local phone numbers to send messages to customers. This can help to improve your brand recognition and trust. For example, your business could use its A2P 10DLC number to send order confirmation messages to customers, or a promotional offering on a new service. Using your own local phone number for these messages will make them more likely to be trusted and opened.

Your business's messaging does not want to be lumped in with other spam messages, and your customers want the reassurance that your communication with them is secure. A2P 10DLC helps to reduce spam by requiring your business to register its brands and campaigns with the TCR. This helps to ensure that all A2P 10DLC messages are legitimate and that they are not spam, securing your messages are sent and your customers have peace of mind.

Best Practices for


Obtain consent from customers before sending them messages.Obtain consent from customers before sending them messages.


Respecting your customers' choices is at the heart of A2P 10DLC regulations. Obtaining consent before messaging them is pivotal. There are several ways you can seek this consent—whether through website forms, thoughtful email campaigns, or even in-store sign-up sheets. Only communicate with customers who have actively opted in to receive your messages, ensuring their preferences are honored.

Only send messages to customers who have opted for consent to receive them.


Commitment to understanding your customers extends to keeping meticulous records of who consents to receive messages and who prefers not to. Finding ways to keep track of these records or creating individual customer profiles, you can respect their choices and tailor your communication accordingly.

Best Practices for


Provide customers with an effortless way to opt out of messages.


Preferences may change, which is why prioritizing simplicity in opting out of messages is ideal for working with your customers. Providing an effortless unsubscribe link or enabling your customers to reply with a simple "STOP" keyword is a way of ensuring that their wishes are easily respected.

Use a registered A2P 10DLC provider.


At the core of these compliance efforts are registered A2P 10DLC providers. We at Power Textor are dedicated to helping your partner with only providers registered with The Campaign Registry. This not only assures compliance with regulations but also guarantees the reliable delivery of your messages, maintaining the trust and reliability you strive to uphold with your valued customers.

Getting started

A2P 10DLC core invokes a commitment to trust and authenticity. The process begins with your business registering its brand and messaging campaigns with The Campaign Registry (TCR), an organization dedicated to ensuring that your messages are not only legitimate but also welcomed by consumers who have actively chosen to receive them. Once your business completes the registration journey with TCR, you gain the privilege of sending A2P 10DLC messages directly from your familiar local 10-digit phone number. This familiarity provides assurance as your messages are received as regular text messages, guaranteeing they'll seamlessly reach our customers' phones.

To simplify, the process unfolds like this:


Your business initiates registration, aligning your brand and messaging campaigns with The Campaign Registry.


TCR meticulously reviews your registration, ensuring compliance with all requirements before granting approval.


With your 10DLC registration approved, you gain the ability to start sending A2P 10DLC messages from your local phone number, fostering a more personal and direct connection with your customers.


These messages journey through carriers' networks, reaching your customers' phones securely and reliably, maintaining the integrity of your communication.

This journey isn't just about compliance; it's about establishing a meaningful connection with your audience—one built on trust, respect for their choices, and the assurance that your messages resonate authentically.
Power Textor is here to walk you through every step of this process. It can be complicated, be we make it easy and will only ask of you the bare minimum to get the registration and paperwork out of the way and get you communicating with your audience quickly and reliably.

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