How to Trigger an Action in Power Automate from a Received Text Message

The Power Textor connector gives you the capability to trigger notifications when a text message is received. With the following steps, you can trigger various actions by configuring automated flows using the Power Textor trigger.

1. Log in to and navigate to the environment in which you will create your flow. Click Flows on the left pane to create a new flow in the environment.

2. On the new page, click ‘+ New Flow’ on the command bar and select ‘Automated Cloud Flow’. You can also build a flow using the available templates or create a flow from scratch

  • The automated flow automatically triggers an action based on the conditions applied. This flow type does not require manual effort.

3. Provide the name of flow and click ‘Create’ button or click ‘Skip’ to add details later.

4. Connect to the Power Textor account using the API Keys. Once the successful connection is made, you will see a display message in the dialogue box: No additional information is needed for this step. You will be able to use the outputs in subsequent steps.

Now configure additional steps to trigger notifications when a text message is received in Power Textor. Design logic-based conditions and associate actions to it that will be triggered when a text message will be received.

There are a few triggers as shown below that can be used for triggering notifications when a text message is received in Power Textor.

  • Send Mobile Notifications
  • Trigger email notifications
  • Send a message on Teams
  • Update a row in Excel Online

You can also use actions to perform certain operations when triggered, such as Add members in Teams, Create a chat in Teams, Create task, Create item etc.